Are you feeling the power!? We are! The March for Our Lives in Washington D.C. was one of the largest youth protests since the Vietnam War. More than twenty youth and staff from the Mediation Center participated in the action, joining with over seventy-five fellow activists from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and the Gathering For Justice.

We are asking for donations to sustain and build the energy that our youth organizers gained through participating in this historic action. Please consider supporting them during this important time. 


#7703e1 Raised $8,493 towards the $10,000 target.

“I was really inspired by the vulnerability of the speakers. I know what it is like to lose someone you love to gun violence and it is hard to talk to anyone, even one person about it. Listening to them talk about what they’ve been through in front of hundreds of thousands of people and how it is the same as me. . . I felt for the first time like I wasn’t alone in my grief.” – Edward Stutts, Youth Organizer with the Mediation Center

The March For Our Lives D.C. inspired many deep and thoughtful conversations among our group about vulnerability, empathy, and different kinds of actions that are needed to end gun violence in all its forms. Please check out our blog post, with reflections and photos from the day. We are so grateful for our supporters, donors, and partners (especially NYAGV) for making this trip not only possible, but a huge success.

If you want to contribute to Black and POC youth organizing against gun violence, click here to donate and select YO S.O.S. from the “designation” dropdown menu. 

Your dollars will go towards amplifying their efforts to build a youth-led movement that includes the experiences and priorities of people impacted by police gun violence and gun violence in their communities. 

So far we have raised $8,493 towards our $10,000 target. Thank you all for your support!

Here are some links to recent press coverage of YO S.O.S. in Chalkbeat, the French news outlet, La Croix, and a shoutout in Teen Vogue. You can see Youth Organizer Shavonne Jackson’s powerful sign highlighted by a photographer at the march here. A videographer from the NY Daily News accompanied our NYAGV partners on their bus and you can see that footage and some of our youth here!