• Heather Day, Director of Youth Programs

    Heather Day is the associate director of youth and community programs at the Mediation Center. Heather oversees Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.) and Justice Community Plus and supports additional programs and outreach initiatives at the Center. Previously, Heather worked for Citizen Schools New York both as a teaching fellow in the classroom and in volunteer recruitment and curriculum development at the regional office. Heather earned a BA in American Studies from Connecticut College and a Master’s of Social Work with a Human Service Leadership concentration from Fordham University. Heather believes that young people have powerful voices and unique insight to share with the world, and loves seeing youth in the spotlight.


  • Jane Tuszynski, Legal Hand Neighbor Services Coordinator

    Jane Tuszynski is the Neighbor Services Coordinator at Legal Hand Crown Heights. She is currently a member of the Avodah Jewish Service Corps. Jane graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in History and Philosophy. Every day at work Jane strives to better serve the surrounding community by connecting clients to resources that can improve daily life.

  • Karolin Betances, Support Services Case Manager

  • Kenton Kirby, Director of Trauma Support Services

    Kenton Kirby is the Director of Trauma Support Services for the Mediation Center and the program coordinator for Make It Happen. Kenton is a native New Yorker who firmly believes in the strength of community and the tremendous benefits that come with interdisciplinary collaboration. Make It Happen is geared towards providing supportive victim services to young men of color, historically an underserved population due to gender roles and societal expectations of manhood. This program aims to challenge and educate its members, and outside service providers, of the profound long term impacts trauma has on individuals regardless of gender or race.

    Prior to coming to CHCMC, Kenton worked in child welfare where he witnessed firsthand the role and impact traumatic events in our communities can play on individuals without proper support.  In his work though Make It Happen, Kenton hopes to develop a safe space for male victims of violence to support one another following their trauma and develop skills to help members realize their internal strength in pursuing a healthy and productive life.

    Kenton has a Master’s Degree from New York University and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of New York.  Kenton has experience providing clinical individual and group therapy to children and adults.


  • Lawrence Brown, Bed-Stuy Outreach Worker and Hospital Responder

  • Leah Alper, Anti-Violence Projects Coordinator

  • Leon Kelly, Crown Heights Outreach Worker/Hospital Responder

    Leon Kelly began as volunteer for S.O.S. Crown Heights in 2012 before becoming a staff member. Leon utilizes his street experience, credibility and influence as a way to mediate potential gun violent incidents. Leon became one of the first responders for S.O.S. Crown Heights after demonstrating to his colleagues the ability to respond to shootings no matter the time the shooting took place. In September, Leon became an Outreach Worker who duties are to work more closely with the high risk population in changing mindsets, establishing goals and mentoring. Leon will also serve as our Hospital Responder, which will allow him to utilize and expand on his violent interruption skills inside of a Hospital setting.

  • Rahson Johnson, Crown Heights Violence Interrupter

    Rahson began working at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center as a Youth Programs Assistant for Y.O. S.O.S. and lead facilitator for a boys group at Brooklyn East Collegiate Charter School. Rahson is passionate about working with young people and has done such services for over ten years.

    His journey to this platform stems from his earlier brush with the criminal justice system and his poor decision-making as a sixteen year old boy growing up in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. From this experience, he put together the pieces of his life and emerged as a respectful and responsible man committed to shaping the minds of young people through education and character development, further realizing  that his transformation could help transform their lives too.

    Rahson is a college graduate and holds a Bachelor’s of Behavioral Science and a Master’s of Professional Studies with a major concentration in Urban Ministry. He is very excited about working at the Crown Heights Mediation Center.


  • Rudy Suggs, Crown Heights Outreach Worker Supervisor

    Rudy Suggs has been a Crown Heights resident for over 40 years. Rudy joined the SOS team in 2009, first as a volunteer and then became a Violence Interrupter in 2010. He became an Outreach Worker in 2014. Rudy was featured in a New York Times profile on December 25th, 2012, “A One time drug dealer now working to combat the plague of violence.”


  • Shawn Deverteuil, Make It Happen Men’s Empowerment Coordinator

    Shawn Deverteuil is the Men’s Empowerment Coordinator for the Make It Happen program at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center. Shawn has ties to the Crown Heights community having grown up there. Shawn works with the Director of Trauma Support Services by providing our young men of color with supportive victim services, both individual and group counseling, as we help members figure out what healthy masculinity can be for them.

    Shawn believes that violence can have a traumatic impact on the lives of young men of color, affecting their overall health and livelihood. This trauma combined on average with a lack of general support they may feel they have in their given community and lack of help-seeking behaviors, contributes to the overall social disadvantages they face in society. A goal within the Make It Happen program is to create trusting, organic working relationships with our members where they can feel comfortable sharing any underlying feelings or concerns they may have while getting the proper support they need to succeed in life.